Erzberg Rodeo - Hard Enduro proven quality

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Erzberg Rodeo - Hard Enduro proven quality - Erzberg Rodeo - Hard Enduro proven quality

Our designs and foils withstand the toughest conditions. We have proven that countless times, in the world's toughest enduro races, as well as at the Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo. The X-Grip team takes part in the largest and most extreme enduro races worldwide and only produces best quality products by themselves. This is precisely why the move to DCC-Designs for the production of their racing designs was clear, as we are also masters in our field.


Impact resistance, scratch and tear resistance, self-repair effect and of course the appropriate look, that is what makes a world-class design. Because even after 35 kilometers over sticks and stones, through forest and meadow, dirt and mud, it should be in perfect shape. Conventional designs are mostly made with cheap foil and poor laminate, what is quickly noticed when after a few laps the half of it falls by the wayside. Our product holds and holds and also protects the plastic and metal parts of your bike.

In 2019, Lars Enöckl successfully made the 11th place at the Redbull Hairscramble, as the best enduro driver in Austria and was therefor only one of 16 riders to reach the finishing line. We at DCC-Designs are proud that we took part on this success.