Motorcycle foiling - New look and protection

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Motorcycle foiling - New look and protection - Motorcycle foiling - New look and protection

To restyle your bike there are only two options, either painting or foiling. In the meantime, foiling has prevailed over painting. The main reason is that there are almost no limits when it comes to design. Whether matt, neon, 3D effects, unique patterns or holo effects, which are available for upgrades in our F​ull Custom and Semi Custom Design section. Everything is possible and compared to painting it is much cheaper when it comes to upgrades.

What are the advantages of choosing a design foil:

1. Much cheaper than repainting
Especially flexible plastic parts are a challenge when painting and are therefore usually more expensive than metal parts (up to 8 layers). A standard paint job (including preparation) for a bike can quickly cost upwards of €400. You don't get an exclusive design for this, but just a simple color. With additional effects and graphics (if even possible) the prices can quickly explode here.

2. Unlimited creativity
Here, in comparison to the paint, everything is possible, individual graphics can be combined with countless upgrades. Pretty much everything can be tweaked and enhanced for little money, the base foil (Neon, Holo, Chrome), the finish (Matte, Glossy, Gold Digger, Space Orbit), additional stickers and much more.

3. Protection
Compared to paint, the film offers optimal protection for plastic and metal parts, it is multi-layered and flexible compared to paint. It withstands extreme impacts such as stones or sticks and our special foils are scratch-resistant to an extremely high degree. In addition, the foil can be shaped with flexible parts (e.g. fenders, side parts) which are often subject to extreme deformations in the event of a fall. Lacquer/Paint cannot do this and therefore cracks and peels even with the slightest stretching or deformation of these parts.

4. Self repair effect
Our special foils also have a self-repair effect. This means that if there are minor scratches, the film will close itself again under the influence of heat.

5. Easy assembly
You don't need to be a specialist to attach a foil design, even a layman can attach a decor kit to his bike within a few simple steps. Here you will find the corresponding instructions.

If you want to know more details or have another question then just leave us a comment ;).

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